April 28 - 30, 2017
@ UC Berkeley

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Welcome & Mission Statement

Enough. Enough of the rampant racism, sexism, xenophobia, queerphobia, ableism, and classism that has led to the resurgence of white supremacy and cis- and heteropatriarchy and their continued roles in this country’s most powerful political institutions. Enough of being viewed as the dutiful, docile “model minority,” as forever complacent to whiteness. Enough of the strong gender and sexual roles expected of queer Asians, enforced by both cis- and heteronormativity and queerness, and both whiteness (as a result of colonization) and our own cultures (Asian and Asian-American).

But enough isn’t only about our frustrations. It is also for affirmation. In these uncertain times, it is important to know that we, as individuals and as a community, are enough. Not “enough” as in simply adequate. Enough as in we are strong enough, loud enough, and proud enough to demand justice and equity. We are enough to uplift and empower ourselves, each other, and other marginalized communities. We are enough to take space for issues related to the diverse and complex Asian identity, queer identity, and their intersection. We, as queer Asians, are enough.

We were originally hoping for QACON17 to be a conference primarily of celebration, a capstone for a decade of progress on many fronts. In light of recent events, however, we are reminded that our fight is far from over — and that we are not the only ones fighting.

We have already witnessed the terrors the Trump Administration is capable of — a cabinet whose sole purpose is to disturb and unearth the foundations that our communities have long been working to build; a Muslim ban that has split up families, incited violence upon mosques, and stripped Muslim citizens and refugees of security; a denouncement of media, free speech, and free press. In the times ahead, we must remain vigilant, not only for our communities, but for the other communities in this struggle.

2016 shook us to our core. The Orlando attack on our Latinx siblings, the constant and consistent brutality systemically enacted on our Black siblings, and the ongoing battles against the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines — communities were left fragmented in the wake of last year. Although it was filled with many moments of tragedy, this is not new. It is important to remember that as a community we must be committed to educating ourselves and mobilizing alongside other queer and trans communities of color in this fight of resistance.

In years past we’ve been dedicated to empowering ourselves as individuals who are queer and Asian and providing our attendees with the tools to cultivate organizing efforts in their local communities. Now in our tenth year, we seek to continue uplifting and working towards that goal. Though we will face moments of hardship that may leave us with crushed souls and fragmented resolve, we will always have our communities to help us pick up the pieces and place them back together. In joining us for this conference of existence and resistance, we invite you to put your piece into our mosaic.

Keynote Speaker

Sal Tran

Sal Tran is a queer Vietnamese filmmaker and social justice activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They recently directed a short film called XANH. Sal's work is rooted within the power of storytelling in film and performative art. They focus on mental health advocacy work within QTAPI communities. Their work has been featured in National Alliance for Mental Illness, Oakland Pride Film Festival, Center for Asian-American Film Festival, As[I]Am Magazine, and many more.

General Schedule

Friday, April 28

7:00-7:30 PM Early Registration 2060 Valley Life Sciences Building
7:30-9 PM Opening Night & Ongoing Registration 2060 Valley Life Sciences Building

Saturday, April 29

7:30-9:00 AM Registration & Breakfast Dwinelle Plaza
9:00-9:30 AM Welcome Address Pauley Ballroom
9:30-10:45 AM Keynote Address, Sal Tran Pauley Ballroom
15min Passing Period
11:00 AM-12:15 PM Workshop Session 1 Dwinelle Hall
12:15-1:40 PM Lunch Dwinelle Plaza
10min Passing Period
1:50-3:05 PM Workshop Session 2 Dwinelle Hall
10min Passing Period
3:15-4:15 PM Storytime & Leadership Caucus Dwinelle Hall
15min Passing Period
4:30-5:45 PM Workshop Session 3 Dwinelle Hall
10:00 PM-2:00 AM Afterparty SPATS

During all workshop sessions:

  • QWOCMAP Screening in 234 Dwinelle
  • HIV Testing in 109 Dwinelle

Throughout all of Saturday, there will be a meditation room/decompressing space in 183 Dwinelle.

Sunday, April 30

8:30-10:30 AM Brunch & Closing Activity Anna Head Alumnae Hall

Workshop Schedule

Session 1: 11 AM-12:15 PM

It’s Complicated: Asians’ Love-Hate Relation with PrEP 209
API and LGBTQ: Our Collective Roots in All Liberation Struggles 223
Identity Exploration & Healing Through Writing 229
I’m OK – You’re OK 242
Stress and Resilience 243

Session 2: 1:50-3:05 PM

Hookup Culture: Having Sex with a Person with a Disability 209
Walking in Your Parents’ Shoes: Sometimes It’s a Process 223
Food: It’s Complicated 229
Gender Bender Dance Lesson 6.0: Rumba With Me! 242
Centering the Hxstories of our Queer and Trans Asian and Pacific Islander Communities 243

Session 3: 4:30-5:45 PM

Mixed Identity Perspectives on Asianness and Blackness 209
Beyond East Asia: Queerness in West and South Asia 223
Sex, Stigma, and Con dentiality: The Patient Provider Relationship 229
Voice: Activated. Poetry Workshop 242
Ask an Ace: Beyond Asexuality 101 243